Thoughtfully Crafted

I'm frequently asked how I craft a distinct photography style that stands apart. I have been a portrait photographer of 14 years. I weave the classical principles of clean whites, bold, and airy. In the end, I wanted to make something truly beautiful: photographs that are as unique, lovely, and nuanced as the people they depict. Don't we all want that?

I have been developing these presets since we opened our studio doors in 2022. I wanted presets that could really streamline my workflow, add consistency to my indoor work while still flowing well with my outdoor work. These aren't one click, but they are close & will only take some mild tweaking to get them where you want them! Even on dreary days in the studio!

Desktop Presets

These presets are .xmp files, this means they will only work with Lightroom Classic on your desktop. We will be releasing mobile presets soon so hop on our email list to stay in the know of when those are live!